Collectible Kiddie Rides

Growing up, I remember riding the pony in front of the Drug Store and the elephant in front of the Five and Dime. For a dime, I was transported to the old west or to Africa with Tarzan and the elephants! There was a motorboat and a car over in the next town at the “Big Movie House” (2 screens) where I could pretend that I was in the latest Elvis picture or racing with Rory Calhoun! (Didn’t really know what the movies were about, but understood the racing part).

About 15 years ago, I located a pig ride for a customer who was in the Barbeque Business. Before he picked it up, everyone who came into the store commented on how cool it was….so I then purchased a covered wagon to be used in a model home we were decorating. By the time we got it back from the model home, my new grandson had arrived so I decided to keep it for him.

Then I came across a neat little red car that I thought Ryan, my new grandson, would like…even though he wasn’t a year old yet and lived in California, and was just coming for a visit! By the time he came back to visit again, he was 3, and he had a baby sister who was 18 months old, and she loved the car! She loved it so much that she didn’t want to share it with her older brother so I just had to buy another ride, my first Sandy Horse.

I was hooked! Owning a restoration company that was well known for restoring vintage Soda Machines, I had the guys restore the Sandy for my grandson. A customer saw this Sandy and wanted one, so we started restoring these rides for customers.

Over the years, as with any large company, we have had employees come and go. Some have taken what we have taught them and tried to go into business on their own, and some have left for other reasons. But as I was once told by someone, “If you hire good people, occasionally you will lose them, then you hire better ones! It is your job to maintain the quality standards; after all, it is your company’s reputation and not the employees’ reputations that are at stake.” We have indeed been fortunate in this regard and we have continued to grow over the years.

Recently we decided to create a team that specializes in restoring the Kiddie Rides, and these guys are true craftsmen and artists. This team consists of the Manager Gregory Robb, top technician Aaron Woodling, artist Damon Von Eiff (air brushes the rides before they are clear coated), Ryan Jones decal design, and Mike Hall who oversees all rewiring and electric motors (Mike owns M&M Electrical Services and is a Master Electrician).

Below are some pictures of rides this team has finished recently

Batmobile Ride – Coin Operated Bat Man Ride

 Dumbo Ride – Coin Operated Elephant

 Superman Ride – Vintage Restored Kiddy Ride

 Champion Horse – Ever Popular Retro Horse Ride

Rudolph “The Red Nosed” Reindeer – Santa Will Be So Jealous

 Sandy Horse Kiddy Ride – Ride Em CowGirl

For a truly cool collectible that will bring you great joy as you watch your children and grandchildren ride them, and then just look cool in any game room…to bring back those memories, I do not think you could make a better choice than one of these restored rides…
If you want a unique Kiddy Rides, of if you own a machine that requires restoration, call 304-724-2100, or contact us.

Current In Stock or Ready To Be Restored Kiddie Rides

Sandy Horse

Tiger – rific

Champion Horse

Magical Dragon

Pig Ride

Bat Mobile

“Rudy” The Reindeer

Joey the Kangaroo

Indian Scout

Sandy Horse

Star the Horse

Jumbo Elephant

Covered Wagon Ride

Red Base Horse

Bumper Cars

Click on any of the photos above for more information on those particular products. These are great amusement rides for kids of all ages. Our amusement rides are original rides that have been rebuilt or restored. Give us a call to see what unique and unusual carnival rides we have in stock.