Sell Your Old Soda Machine

Do you have an old machine you want to sell?   If so,  email  our Restoration Department with  photos and/or a detailed description of the machine.  Please include dimensions, method of vending bottles, and condition of machine.   Allow 48 hours to respond to all questions regarding your machine’s value.  We can also restore your machine to better-than-new condition.  If you want more information on our restoration services check out restorations page.  Click below to send an email.

Soda Machine Service Work

We service the machines we have restored or have sold directly.  This includes Soda Machines, Games, Rides, and Jukeboxes.  If you have any questions about servicing your machine, please send an email.

Our Warranty Information

Our fully restored SODA MACHINES come with a 2-year warranty (see complete Warranty) We also offer the option to purchase a 5-year warranty.  We provide these options based upon our confidence in our Soda Machine restorations…they are in better-than-new condition when completed.  Click the restoration page link for more information on our restorations and you will see why we can offer the warranties that we do.

We also offer  limited warranties on our other restored items, however, these warranties will vary from machine to machine 

We Are The Best In The World When It Comes To Restoring Antique Soda Machines

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