Vendo 81 A

 Vendo 81 D

You are looking at one of the most sought after coke machines, the Vendo 81.  These machines come in three different models, the Vendo 81 A, Vendo 81 B, and Vendo 81 D.  These models offer all the bells and whistles that our customers want!   The “A” model was done in all red and has a green medallion on the bottle door.  The Vendo 81 B looks much like the A but the logo has been moved over and a two-tone paint job has been added.  For the Vendo 81 D, the embossed area was enlarged and moved over just a bit more than the B.  The Vendo 81 D also has a larger door then the other two machines with a different coin mech.  We restore these machines to better than new condition – Grade One!  To see our complete restoration process check out our restoration page.  If you have any questions on pricing on our Vendo 81’s send email or call 304-724-2100.  Click any of the photos below for more detail on our Vendo 81 Restoration.


Vends – 81 Bottles – 6.5 oz to 12 oz bottles

Pre Cools – 17 bottles

Size – 58 ” high, 27″ wide, and 16″ deep

Produced – Mid 50’s to Late 50’s

Lighted Bottle Door

9 Different Selections


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